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Cheikhou Thiome, 53
Senegal | Dakar

Language: Wolof
Price per lesson : $10.50

Why am I a good teacher?

My vast experience in different countries gives me a broad perspective, as well as sharped coaching and facilitation skills.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I am an English teacher in Senegal.

Rating (91)


Alice left the following feedback on 6/18/13:

Mr Thiome is a very good teacher with whom every lesson is pleasant. He is always prompt and serious with well-prepared lessons. I really appreciate that he always makes sure that words are pronounced properly and that things have been understood before going further. The lessons go very smoothly and their organisation is coherent so that lesson after lesson, there is a clear progress. Looking forward to continue to develop my wolof with Mr Thiome!

Julia M. left the following feedback on 12/9/12:

Herr Thiome hat pünktlich angerufen und hat auch sofort mit dem Unterricht angefangen. Er gab mir kompetente Antworten auf meine Fragen. Da er sehr gut Englisch und auch nicht schlechter Französisch spricht war die Kommunikation kein Problem. Mit Video war die Verbindung ziemlich schlecht, ohne Video und mit Headset ganz OK, zumal Herr Thiome die Dialoge auch schreibt. So lernt man Wolof sprechen und auch gleich schreiben. Schade war, dass die Stunde erst um 21.00 begann, wodurch das Konzentrieren nach einem 12-Stunden-Arbeitstag (an sieben Tage die Woche) doch ziemlich schwer fällt. Wenn ich mit Herr Thiome Lektionen zu einer früheren Stunde vereinbaren kann werde ich das Angebot sicher regelmässig nutzen.

Brian left the following feedback on 8/9/12:

Mr. Thiome was very prompt and accommodating to my schedule. The best thing about the lesson is he didn't waste time explaining and talking about unnecessary things. For example, every time I'm in an Arabic class I get the lecture of "well Arabic has many dialects so what they speak many Arab countries is a lot of slang..." and so on, yes, I got it the first 100Xtimes somebody told me this same lecture. Same thing in Wolof, the teachers always want to explain "You see Wolof uses a lot of English words and some French words" and on and on, you'd be surprised how much time this takes up explaining such things. Chiek did not waste any time and made great use of the time, which is what I am most fortunate for. The line was not 100% clear, but certainly understandable, and our accents are ofcourse different, so it was nice to also spell out words when necessary. Also, he was typing through skype and I would type through skype so not only could we better understand what each other was saying but I was also able to go back and use it as notes.

Chanda left the following feedback on 7/25/12:

Mr. Thiome is very prompt, friendly and teaches more than just the Wolof vocabulary. He makes me want to learn more and keeps track of what he has already taught so we can review as well as learn new material each time.

Paul left the following feedback on 7/18/12:

Thiome, my Wolof teacher at Glovico, is very precise when he corrects both pronunciation and spelling. He will write the words out on Skype chat and pronounce several times until I get it right. He has also taught me aspects of life and culture in Senegal whenever we discuss names or places. All around, I could not have found a better teacher to begin Wolof lessons. Looking forward to returning to Senegal, this time with a good measure of colloquial Wolof. -Paul (Washington DC)

Anna left the following feedback on 4/15/12:

Ich war etwas skeptisch, ob man tatsächlich über das Internet eine gute Kommunikation hinbekommt. Vor allem als "Chat-Laie". Für eine solche Online-Situation benötigt man gute Lehrer. Mr. Thiome gehört sicherlich zu diesen "Online-Profis", mit denen man sich schnell auf die neue Unterrichtssituation einstellen kann und sowohl oral als auch schriftlichh sehr gute Ergebnisse erzielt. Ich habe die nächste Stunde schon gebucht und freue mich, eine Möglichkeit gefunden zu haben, eine Sprache zu lernen, die man nicht nach Lehrbuch lernen kann. Anna