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Xizhi Zhang, 33
China | Guilin

Language: Chinese
Price per lesson : $18.00

Why am I a good teacher?

As a college lecturer in the Foreign Language Department, I have an aptitude for teaching Chinese as a foreign language. I believe in language-teaching methods that employ games and conversations. Having studied for a Master Degree in England, I am comfortable in working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I love travelling. I have travelled in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, England, France, Australia, New Zealand and the US.

Rating (159)


Charlotte left the following feedback on 6/25/14:

Just had my first lesson with Xizhi and loved it. I am a teacher myself and thought the lesson was excellent - interesting, great resources and engaging. Xizhi was very patient and I was happy with my progress. I'll be booking in for more!

Nadja left the following feedback on 5/15/13:

Xizhi is a very good and patient teacher, who understands how learners grow and develop. She has a good knowledge and feeling of using different teaching methods. I took my first lesson a half year ago, cause I can't imagine to learn this language. Now I'm very happy that I have such a great teacher. I definitely appreciate Xizhi's Chinese Lessons. xiè xie, Xiàcìjiàn

Susi left the following feedback on 1/14/13:

Susi I very much appreciate the chinese lessons with Xizhi. She encourages me to continue learning, especially speaking chinese. She is always very patient, friendly and cheerful. Xie xie

Christine left the following feedback on 6/3/12:

My first lesson was for me personally very exciting. I was calming down after a while because Xizhi is very friendly, professional and patient. Xie xie

Doris left the following feedback on 3/23/12:

I'm looking forward to my next Mandarin lesson. Xizhi is a professional, very patient teacher. Thank you very much !!

Anonymous left the following feedback on 3/18/12:

Xizhi is a great mandarin teacher. She is patient and kind. She also makes the lessons interesting. Thank you!