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PROF Julio Gomez, 63
Venezuela | Caracas

Language: Spanish
Price per lesson : $20.25

Why am I a good teacher?

Because I have a deep knowledge of what I am teaching and I feel empathy for my students. In other words, I was in their shoes once. Email address:

What do I do apart from teaching?

I love reading, biking and swimming. I also love photography. Email address:

Rating (607)


Arianna left the following feedback on 3/8/14:

Julio is amazing! A true professor, flexible, encouraging, with deep knowledge of grammar and teaching methods, a great attitude, and dedication to his job. I feel very confident in his abilities and the quality of his teaching. Gracias Julio!

Ulrike left the following feedback on 9/30/13:

Creo que tanto mis conocimientos como mis sentimientos por el idioma español se han profundizado poco a poco con el Prof Julio Gomez. Sus lecciones son una mezcla bien equilibrada entre hablar, oír y explicar. De mi parte es importante señalar que aprender significa tener ganas y poder sumergirse (entrar, conocer) en el alma de la otra lengua. Las lecciones con el Prof Julio Gomez me gustan mucho. Ulrike Trüstedt

Karen left the following feedback on 9/16/13:

Excellent! Organised, encouraging and challenging with just the right balance of spoken practice and grammar. Julio really seems to fit the lessons to the students and it is obvious he has been teaching for many years- his experience is a huge asset.

Peter left the following feedback on 7/24/13:

I enjoyed the lesson. Julio is very professional. I intend to continue studying with him.

Julia left the following feedback on 3/21/13:

I can just fully agree with these three Feedbacks here. Currently I am studying with Julio on a daily Mon - Fri basis and I am impressed with Julio's professionalism, great work attitude, amiable openness and friendliness from the first lesson on. He makes our daily lessons interesting by finding exercises, news articles, movies and other creative study sources - even on a daily basis, lessons never become boring. It's hard to find words after all the praise written here already, I can just add that I am deeply thankful for the great learning experience and am looking forward to many more lessons to come.

Elena left the following feedback on 3/18/13:

I fully agree with everything which has already been written below - still, I am trying to add another variation to this hymn: Julio´s extended knowledge ranging from history to etymology; his humour and honest interest for his student; his patience and his punctuality; his flexibility with me asking for changing lesson hours; his ability to adapt to one´s speed; his generosity regarding the time length of a lesson - these are all qualities I really appreciate and I´d like to honour him as one of the best teachers I have known so far.

Patrick left the following feedback on 2/19/13:

Julio is one of the best teachers I've ever had -- of any subject, not just Spanish. In the few months that I've been taking lessons with him I've been able to progress tremendously because of his help. He is incredibly professional and always on time and ready to go when we have lessons. Julio is also true linguist. He speaks English fluently, which makes it easy for him to tell me the translations for particular idioms and phrases. Similarly, he knows the nuances of both languages, and why certain words or phrases are used over others, which helps him go above and beyond a typical teaching lesson. Julio is a world-class professor. I wish I could take lessons with him every day!

Angelika left the following feedback on 11/30/12:

To learn Spanish with Julio is much more than learn grammar or vocabulary. We have lots of fun in our lessons and he teach me all the different "colors" that the Spanish language has. I can also learn the culture and the living of Venezuela and Colombia from him that makes the lessons very interesting. Meanwhile we know us personally. during my visit at Caracas this year I also learned know his family and I feel now like a part of them. My weekly Spanish lessons make me feel like coming home. It is the best day of the week! I am very grateful that Julio and Glovico gave me the opportunity to practice an learn Spanish each week since two years now.