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Najeeb aldaghashi, 39
Yemen | Sana'a

Language: Arabic
Price per lesson : $15.00

Why am I a good teacher?

I am a well-qualified teacher, with a quite-long experience of teaching Arabic as a second language and Yemeni Dialect, Qurranic studies, Tajweed and Telawah off-line and on-line lessons. I have been teaching al-kitaab fii ta'allum al-arabiyya, Gateway to Learn Arabic, Arabic for media and conversational Arabic books for beginners since 2005. I am also a supervisor of English language teachers in Minister of Education, Yemen Republic I used to develop a program of learning suited to the students’ requirements, and implementing a suitable curriculum, after assessing their level and objectives, whether general or with more specific emphasis on the media, aid and development, classical or religion. I am creative and innovative with good organizational skills. I have the ability to plan time effectively, simultaneously co-ordinating a variety of projects often to demanding deadlines.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I am a half- time teacher. I teach Arabic as a Foreign Language in school and college. I also prepare Arabic teachers for Junior High School. I like being with my family in my free time. I like reading and traveling also.

Rating (479)


Anne left the following feedback on 2/21/15:

Ich hatte heute meine erste Stunde mit Najeeb ohne jegliche Vorkenntnisse in der arabischen Sprache. Najeeb hat mir alle Berührunsängste genommen und eine tolle Unterrichtsstunde gegeben. Ich bin absolut begeistert und freue mich schon auf die nächste Unterrichtsstunde. Der Unterricht ist super aufgebaut und Najeeb ist ein sehr guter, professioneller Lehrer. Ich kann ihn jedem, der Arabisch lernen möchte nur empfehlen. I just had my first lesson with Najeeb and I enjoyed it very much. It has been my first arabic lesson ever. Najeeb is an excellent teacher. Highly recommended!!!!

Nicole left the following feedback on 2/6/15:

I had my first lesson with Najeeb yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. Even though I understand some Arabic an can read a bit the talking is a challenge for me. So we agreed that we have to work on that. Because of his patience and encouragement I am sure I will improve a lot. I was very happy with the class and my motivation to study more increased a lot. Najeeb is kind, capable and has a fine sense of humor. I can strongly recommend him and his classes!

Kevin left the following feedback on 10/4/14:

I just had my first lesson with Najeeb. He is very personable. He did well at keeping our conversation in Arabic as much as possible ( which is what I prefer). I got a synopsis of the history of Yemen over the last 30 years. I will follow up with more lessons. He seems adaptable to work on what you want to work on. I look forward to learning more.

Liam left the following feedback on 9/26/14:

Najeeb is a highly skilled and professional teacher. He is always extremely helpful and patient, and lessons with him are never boring. Highly recommended!

Thomas left the following feedback on 9/26/14:

Najeeb is an excellent teacher - friendly, attentive, patient, reliable and focussed on moving you forwards. You can tell he has a lot of experience helping people get started in Arabic and all my lessons with him have been well organised and very enjoyable. The progress I've made so far has been really satisfying and I'm excited about carrying that on into the future, thank you Najeeb!

bart left the following feedback on 8/28/14:

Najeeb is a fantastic teacher. I am an English teacher, so I really respect his patience and willingness to help a student out. He is extremely respectful and wants you to learn. His knowledge of a variety of topics as well as his depth of English vocabulary make him a very effective teacher as you never get bored. He asks good questions and also talks about himself so that you get to improve your listening skills. I really can't recommend him enough especially as I have been struggling for the last few years to get back into studying Arabic, Najeeb was really a lucky find.

Dinko left the following feedback on 6/27/14:

Najeeb is very dedicated, qualified and normal teacher. He is prepared for every lesson, and is very stimulating. Every hour I have clear impression of advancing – step by step. Najeeb’s English is excellent. It is obvious that he is educated for teaching, VERY skilled and that he loves to teach other people. Except his skills, he is aso very nice person. If you are looking for and excellent Arabic teacher, you are at the right place.

Brian left the following feedback on 6/12/14:

My lesson went well. Najeeb was available and waiting even before our start time. Sometimes it may feel as if an instructor is impatient or talking down to you, but with Najeeb he is very skilled at teaching and talking to him is like talking to a friend. Even though my conversation skills in Arabic are not the best he was able to make it feel as if we were having a free flowing conversation and I was happy about that. I would recommend him to other students.

RAZAYA left the following feedback on 5/4/14:

Najeeb is an excellent teacher. I have had a few lessons from here before giving feedback. I find Arabic hard but he always motivates me and keeps me going. He is patient and cares how you are progressing. Highly recommended.

maddalena left the following feedback on 4/30/14:

I have been studying Arabic for many years and was struggling to find a teacher with whom I could practice classical Arabic and learn how to actually produce it orally (without mixing it up with dialects). Thankfully I found Najeeb, who is very engaging and patient. Also, he is willing to listen and correct me and time flies during our lessons! Highly recommended!!!

Christiane left the following feedback on 3/25/14:

Najeeb is a very engaging, professional and friendly teacher. Very much recommended!

Kubilay left the following feedback on 3/22/14:

My first lesson was very helpful and I will continue to take lessons from Najeeb to enhance my Arabic skills. Najeeb is very professional and patient, he uses English only when necessary which is very good for learning.

Livia left the following feedback on 2/19/14:

Thank you for the great lesson. Najeeb is really an experienced teacher, who offers well-structured lessons and supports students exactly where they need it. Arabic was a challenge for me, bit now I am confident, with Najeeb I will manage!

Alexandra left the following feedback on 2/5/14:

I am really glad, that I have chosen Najeeb. He is a great teacher, very flexible and a very nice person, too. I enjoy our Arabic lessons very much! Alf Shukr, ja Najeeb :-).

Jordan left the following feedback on 2/5/14:

Najeeb did an excellent job, he is very personable but also on task. I will be booking lessons with him until I am fluent in this language!

Angélica left the following feedback on 12/1/13:

Najeeb is a good teacher. I like the lessons very much.

Ulrich left the following feedback on 11/30/13:

Nejeeb is a real excellent teacher. I enjoyed the lessons with him very much, they met all my expectations. Fully recommended...

Mona left the following feedback on 11/24/13:

brilliant teacher. He really understands your needs quick and is really caring and Also very flexible regarding the times. I enjoy taking lessons because his english is perfect what is important for the explanations. I am looking forward to have more lessons...

Breianna left the following feedback on 8/30/13:

I enjoyed our lesson! It is awesome to learn from a native speaker!! I can't wait until our next lesson!

Frank left the following feedback on 8/25/13:

After the trial lesson I was already sold. Najeeb is an excellent teacher with plenty of experience so he could adapt quickly to my needs. The lessons are structured and help me a lot to improve my Arabic. I can only recommend him.

Daniel left the following feedback on 7/11/13:

I am very happy to have found Najeeb. He has tailored his lesson to my skill level and has been flexible with his schedule, which I really appreciate. I anticipate my Arabic improving greatly over the next couple months.

Flavia left the following feedback on 6/25/13:

Najeeb is clear, his explanations are short and I really enjoyed the pace. The material is studnt friendly and I fund him very helpful. It is my first attempt learning MSA and I am looking forward to the next lesson. Considering this is the hardest language I have ever studied, after last nights lesson I feel very motivated.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 6/23/13:

We have interesting discussions about Arab society and Yemen in particular. He knows Yemeni culture and politics politcs. His accent is clear and easy to understand. I will continue having Arabic lessons with him. A pleasure ;)

Miroslav left the following feedback on 6/17/13:

I really enjoy privilege to be a pupil of Prof. Najeeb. I am at beginning of my way to learn Arabic and thanks to him I feel to be able to speak correct Arabic just in this stage. He patiently works on any inperfection. His extroverted approach is really motivating. It is not possible to grasp a language in one moment and Prof. Najeeb's competence to plan single stages of this long trip is fascinating. His extroverted approach helps me to gain fluency and makes realistic my dream to master Arabic language. I am blind and difficulties to access study materials for Arabic was overcammed only by Prof. Najeeb. So again, I really am happy, I jast know that my dream to master Arabic is on way to be realized.

Francisco left the following feedback on 6/12/13:

I have started with Najeeb from zero and I am probably on on my 7th lesson and I can say that Najeeb makes learning Arabic a very fun, interactive and truly educative process. The materials provided as well as the support and follow through, are second to none. The progress in these 7 lessons in remarkable and that's because Najeeb takes you on your won pace and challenges you to progress all the time. I am already slowly reading arabic and having a lot of fun all the way. Shokran Najeeb!

Danielle left the following feedback on 6/11/13:

You can tell that he really cares and will cater to your needs. I recently returned from Jordan and have a strong foundation of Arabic and he is providing the exact type of lesson I need to keep up with my language skills.

Angelika left the following feedback on 6/3/13:

Najeeb is a really great, sympathetic teacher. I can really recommend it to others. I am very very pleased with him.

Eero left the following feedback on 5/2/13:

Najeeb is a very sympathetic teacher with a lot of experience in teaching foreigners this wonderful language. I recommend him heartily to all who want to brush up their Arabic or start it from the beginning.

Ahmet left the following feedback on 4/13/13:

He really knows what he is doing. He is so professional, but at the same time very kind and helpful. I can tell as I understand from the first two meeting I had with him, my Arabic will improve in a fast and effective way.