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Fredy Castellanos, 44
Guatemala | Antigua

Language: Spanish
Price per lesson : $20.25

Why am I a good teacher?

I work with people that need to learn Spanish for their profession or want to learn the language well for travel or education. I have taught Spanish for more than 18 years; teaching students both in person, and for the last 5 years, online as well. I have been teaching with Glovico for 2 years. With this experience, I know how to make the most out of every class. I develop each class individually, and customize materials to ensure my students are learning at an appropriate level. I create the proper exercises for each person to meet their learning needs. I work hard to find the best schedule for my students’ needs. If you don´t see a time in my schedule that suits your needs, please just ask!

What do I do apart from teaching?

I want to thank you for contacting me here, but unfortunately a while back Glovico closed its operations. I, like some of the other instructors, continue to teach online as I have for numerous years, just no longer with Glovico. Many of my students have continued to study with me in Custom Spanish. I have still have space available for classes. You are welcome to contact me at or directly at

Rating (758)


Anonymous left the following feedback on 3/19/13:

I would totally Recommend him because he is nice and Funny. It is clear he is a great teacher I am definitely going to make more lessons! Thanks Fredy

Nick left the following feedback on 3/4/13:

Fredy is brilliant. He is helpful and funny without being pushy; he lets you search for that elusive word, while still helping when you're obviously stuck. I go out of my way to mention Glovico to people, and when I do, the first thing I tell them about is my awesome teacher!

Bob left the following feedback on 1/24/13:

I have studied Spanish for many years. Although I understand a lot, speaking has always been challenging. Since I have started working with Fredy, my ability (and confidence) to converse has definitely improved! I like that the content of his written pointers or explanations is captured by Skype for future reference. He also gives me homework (at my request) that supports what I am learning. If you want a personable, non-threating, and excellent instructor....Fredy is the best!!

JEan left the following feedback on 11/27/12:

Would happily recommend !

Dominik left the following feedback on 11/21/12:

Fredy is very sympathetic. Although my spanish is fragmentary he encourages me to have conversations which get longer and bring more fun each lesson. Moreover you can't find the details in grammar (+usage!) in any books I looked into.

zach left the following feedback on 8/26/12:

Fredy was an amazing teacher. I learned more from our 55 minute class than I did from a month of school. I plan to book another lesson soon. Thankyou Fredy!

Kate left the following feedback on 7/30/12:

I just got back from one of my research trips to Panama and have to tell you what a huge difference Glovico made. After four or five months studying with Fredy, I was no longer hesitant to speak Spanish. I was able to do interviews comfortably and understand everything. It's hard to find a teacher who can really help advanced students, so I am thrilled. I'm going to keep working with Fredy until I can speak flawlessly.

susanne left the following feedback on 6/29/12:

Fredy Castellanos is an excellent teacher. Having had already a basic knowledge of the language and attending language schools, I have made real progress since signing up with Glovico and working with Freddy. Fredy tailors the lessons to my skills and experience. He encourages me to speak Spanish throughout the lesson giving me real confidence to speak even if I make mistakes. As I am travelling for work from time to time we are still able to continue our weekly lessons which is a great asset for me. Having the opportunity to learn with a local teacher on a one to one bases is a great experience. I very much also enjoy the cultural exchange. The idea of Glovico is brilliant. I am glad I have come across this social enterprise so I can combine two of my passions: learning Spanish and contributing to an amazing social enterprise

John left the following feedback on 6/20/12:

I have been having lessons with Fredy for six months so far and I can't recommend his lessons highly enough. Our lessons are a mix of structured content and conversation which has been everything from Euro 2012 to the Guatemalan Civil War. The connection has almost always been very good, allowing us to videocall. On the one occasion there were difficulties he was more than fair in making up the time. There is no better way to learn a language than with one-to-one lessons from an experienced teacher like Fredy who is very friendly, funny and patient.

Andrea left the following feedback on 6/20/12:

Seit über einem Jahr nehme ich bereits Spanisch-Unterricht bei Fredy. Im Moment fast jeden Tag und ich bin begeistert, welche Fortschritte wir machen. Fredy ist ein hervorragender Lehrer, der es versteht, genau auf die Lernbedürfnisse seiner Schüler einzugehen, sie zu fordern und zu fördern. Er hat sehr viel Erfahrung, ist immer geduldig, verständnisvoll und hat sehr viel Humor. Ich habe auch viel über Guatemala gelernt und möchte irgendwann dort mal hinreisen. Es ist toll, dass es dieses Portal gibt, welches sowohl für Lehrer als auch Schüler eine prima Sache ist. Zeitlich und örtlich unabhängig lernen, und dazu noch fair traden... Danke an Tobias und das ganze Glovico-Team! For more than one year I have been learning Spanish with Fredy Castellanos. Right now I have a Spanish class almost every day and I am delighted about the progress we make. Fredy is a terrific teacher, who understands to respond exactly to his students needs, to demand and to encourage them. He has lots of experience, is always patient and understanding, and has good humor. I have also learnt a lot about Guatemala and I would like to travel there one day. It is fantastic, that is portal exists, which is for teachers as well as students a great opportunity to teach and learn on a fair trade basis, independent from time and place. Thank you Tobias and the whole Glovico team!