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Ann David, 29
Philippines | Paranaque City

Language: Filipino/ Tagalog
Price per lesson : $22.50

Why am I a good teacher?

While I am a native speaker of both English and Tagalog, I know the challenges of learning a new language, as I am currently trying to pick up Mandarin. I therefore provide Tagalog lessons in the manner I would wish to learn the language. You can thus expect my one-on-one Glovico sessions to be engaging (I like to pepper my classes with humor and interesting tidbits about Filipino culture and history), intuitive (you will learn Tagalog through conversation and practice, not through rote memorization), and rewarding (after just a few sessions, you will surely witness the progress you are making). As your personal instructor, I am what the ideal teacher needs to be: patient, kind, and encouraging.

What do I do apart from teaching?

In my spare time, I like to read fiction and write non-fiction. If none of the time slots work for your schedule, please message me through Glovico and I will be happy to arrange a custom time for your "one on one" session.

Rating (5)


Anonymous left the following feedback on 1/15/13:

Ann is a superb teacher of Tagalog. While she's fun, engaging, and knowledgable (as her profile no doubt gets across), what I most appreciate about her is that she challenges you to be your best. This is exactly the type of attitude I want in a teacher, as I know it'll get me the furthest when it comes to learning Tagalog. I would currently rate myself between a beginner and an intermediate, but with her help, I hope to reach advanced Tagalog within a year, and in time, fluency. As I know she'll help you reach your goals as she is helping me reach mine, Ann comes highly recommended (and you have absolutely nothing to lose--Glovico so kindly gives the first session to you free).