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Victory Pha, 26
Cambodia | Battambang

Language: Khmer
Price per lesson : $12.00

Why am I a good teacher?

I am a qualified teacher who has experience teaching Khmer with my talent and pedagogy. Furthermore, I use Khmer in my daily life so I have various techniques to bring the learner understand the usage of Khmer in my lesson as well.

What do I do apart from teaching?

Apart from teaching I study at university and sometimes I volunteer for organizations, which teach Khmer. In addition, I like reading books, surfing the internet and search what's new.

Rating (8)


John left the following feedback on 6/13/14:

Tory is great to learn from. He mixes up his standard lessons with my specific needs. As well as being professional we have a bit of fun as well and that makes me learn better? Fully recommend Tory to anyone.