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Fitria Thomas, 30
Indonesia | Jakarta

Language: English
Price per lesson : $18.00

Why am I a good teacher?

I like helping other people and working with languages. With the talents I've been given, I've been working with English learners of different ages, and language backgrounds. I can customize lessons to different needs, preferences, and topics of interests; whether towards the goal of general fluency, academic achievement, or business proficiency. Students will be given lesson summary after each lesson, and applicable feedback. Please contact by email{at}

What do I do apart from teaching?

I like to meet friends, read, and attend workshops. I enjoy staying fit and doing pilates

Rating (148)


Roland left the following feedback on 8/9/13:

I have had several lessons with Fitria and I enjoyed all of them. Fitria is always well prepared is very friendly and has a lot of patience. I mostly have conversation with her about several topics, but mainly about business topics. She is very knowledgeable. I appreciate that she writes difficult words or other important things into the skype chat window, that I can repeat it after the lesson. I can highly recommend Fitria!

Daniel left the following feedback on 7/10/13:

In my first lesson, we focused on conversation - which was really successfull. Fitria knows how to keep a light conversation going. She also uses the instant messenger of Skype to write down new words and expressions for you, so at the end of the lesson you can just save the notes. Very recommendable!

RAFAEL left the following feedback on 6/30/13:

Very friendly and competent. I recommend her

Lara left the following feedback on 4/11/13:

I had the first lesson yesterday and it was great! I really recommend her and I think I can improve my English very fast.

Ahmet left the following feedback on 2/20/13:

I just had my first lesson with Fitria and I can say it was really great. I will definitely have more lessons with her.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 2/6/13:

Because I have just a basic level of spoken English I wasn't sure I'm able to have a English lesson at all. But I recognize it was enough and Fitria was very helpful and very friendly. She always gave me very good advices and was helping me when I wasn't able to fulfill a whole spoken sentence because of a lack of knowledge in vocabulary I have. I'm looking forward to have more lessons with her.

Gregory left the following feedback on 11/8/12:

Fitria hat mein 12 Jährige Sohn Unterricht gegeben , Sie ist sehr professionel und hat ein sehr klare Aussprache.Mein Sohn meinte :"Jetzt musste ich aber wirklich was lernen"Fazit :Ich war sehr zufrieden mit Ihr.Vielen Dank.M Beck

Anonymous left the following feedback on 10/5/12:

Fitria is a very competent and friendly teacher,with a very clare voice. I will go on learn with her. Thank you Fitria,be bless

Anke left the following feedback on 10/1/12:

Fitria Thomas is such a nice and friendly person, she really knows how to get her knowledge in English across and how to teach in a brilliant way. Thanks so much :-))