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Andrea Mavarez, 35
Venezuela | Punto Fijo

Language: Spanish
Price per lesson : $15.00

Why am I a good teacher?

I consider myself a good teacher because I struggled in order to learn a new language. I was also an ESL student and I know how the learning process is. I am very sweet, patient, funny and friendly.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I am a full-time mother. I also enjoy going to rock concerts, I love traveling and knowing about other cultures. You can contact me at

Rating (32)


Lejla left the following feedback on 10/7/14:

I am not good in giving feedback, but as a Skype-German-Teacher, I can say that I will buy lessons and learn with Andrea. As a teacher and a person who deals whole the time with different languages, I know how a language can be learnt and Andrea will be a really good instructor. I recommend Andrea everyone who is looking for a friendly, competent and patient teacher.

Lilo left the following feedback on 3/25/14:

Andrea's lesson was great. She is very communicative and friendly and I will book her in the future. Unfortunately the connection quality was not so good and I could not understand everything she said.

Jordan left the following feedback on 2/5/14:

Andrea did an excellent job and I will be using her expertise until I am fluent in Spanish!

Marta left the following feedback on 2/4/14:

My first lesson with Andrea was awesome!!! She makes her lesson so effortless that it feels like I'm immerse in the language already. I will definitely book Andrea in the future. Thanks for making the lesson creative and engaging.

John left the following feedback on 10/11/13:

I'd thoroughly recommend Andrea, she is very friendly and helpful and the connection quality was very good.

Tainá left the following feedback on 11/8/12:

Andrea is very cheerful and communicative. The internet connection wasn't very good though, so I couldn't take all she said.

Flavia left the following feedback on 10/18/12:

She is very pleasant and as her English is excellent,the explanations are clear and concise.Very relaxed lesson with some cultural pointers. I am looking forward to booking the next lesson.Flavia