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Jeremiah Muguju, 40
Tanzania, United Republic of | Dar es Salaam

Language: Swahili
Price per lesson : $16.50

Why am I a good teacher?

I feel personally responsible for providing you with a great experience in learning Swahili. I take pride and joy in advancing my students’ language capabilities and I look forward to studying with you!

What do I do apart from teaching?

I also work as a translator,proofreader and interpreter.

Rating (83)


Joseph left the following feedback on 12/28/13:

Jeremiah is a tremendous teacher. Very knowledgeable and insightful. He helps you learn in many different ways. I look forward to taking more lessons from him soon!

Sarah left the following feedback on 7/1/13:

Jeremiah is a wonderful teacher. He is kind, patient and very thoughtful. He is very thorough and tailors the lessons to suit the student perfectly. I never want my lessons to stop. Asante sana mwalimu.

James left the following feedback on 6/10/13:

Jeremiah was very clear in explaining some of the intricacies of Swahili grammar and it has really helped me To speak and to come up with the correct words more quickly.he is a talented and engaging teacher!

Sanda left the following feedback on 5/31/13:

I feel honoured that my first lesson of Swahili was with Jeremiah. Since i never had a language lesson on Skype before and i wanted to learn more Swahili, im glad it was with him as a techer. Now as begginner, i can greet the family of my fiancee in Kenya. Thank you Jeremiah for so much patience and letting me know the cultural aspect as well. :)

Richard left the following feedback on 3/5/13:

Jeremiah is a very effective teacher with a very easy going personality. I can tell he's really thinking about how to reinforce concepts where I need better understanding. He was motivating yet patient, and helped me to work with what I'd studied in a book, and take the steps necessary to use it for real communication, while at the same time giving me helpful feedback. Being a language teacher myself, I can tell he's got a lot of experience with helping people learn,

Gwendolyn left the following feedback on 12/11/12:

So glad to have Jeremiah as a teacher! His lesson was very individual, build around what I was interested to learn. And he is great at explaining grammar!

Alessandra left the following feedback on 12/4/12:

Good lesson: patient, precise, prepared, friendly. Will gladly be back :)

Alexandra left the following feedback on 7/16/12:

I really do enjoy me Swahili lessons with Jeremiah and I am looking forward to the next one! He is very competent and above all patient and knows exactly how to adapt to ones language level! Asante sana!

John left the following feedback on 6/27/12:

Great Swahili lesson. Jeremiah is a very competent and patient teacher who knew exactly how to deliver a lesson which was perfect for my level of Swahili. I am very satisfied and feel a sense of achievement and improvement with his instruction.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 6/17/12:

Die Stunde lief nur über den Audiokanal von Youtube, von daher ein Stern weniger. Ansonsten aber war der Unterricht 'mzuri sana' - 'super prima'!