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Adnen Mansouri, 35
Tunisia | Sfax

Language: Arabic
Price per lesson : $13.50

Why am I a good teacher?

I like to teach Arabic, French, and English as these are the bridge between world cultures. I am curious to know what people consider the attributes that separate good from great. I would also like to know what you think would motivate a person who is a good teacher to aspire for that same greatness. Teaching speakers of other languages is an interesting and motivating challenge. Dear student, YOU ARE MY CHALLENGE, and I will make you an expert in the language of your choice. I have a strong investment in finding out what motivates people to improve their practice. I am deeply appreciative of the thoughtful commentaries by all.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I am a University Bilingual teacher. I also work as a bilingual translator and interpreter. I am the CEO of my own online Business Educational Service Agency. I am a language facilitator and trainer. I like to play football and gamble on soccer parties. I like reading and surfing the net. I have a very nice girl named "Razan"and I like spending my free time with her.

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Anonymous left the following feedback on 2/25/13:

Adnen is very quick and knows how to get a task done in a very efficient manner. For someone who's always short of time, he manages to teach arabic with the right speed. I appreciate it.