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Ahmed A, 32
Egypt | Cairo

Language: Arabic
Price per lesson : $16.50

Why am I a good teacher?

I am aware of students' wants and needs, I am always making the teaching process fun and interesting as well as motivating. I create Arabic, fun, and suited lessons according to personal needs. I've been teaching for around 7 years, and have met people from around the world. I have experience teaching offline and online classes. My previous students were between 12 and 65 years old. I studied Arabic (Standard-Egyptian) at the University for 4 years.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I enjoy Cairo. I meet my friends. I spend a lot of time with my family. Watch movies ...

Rating (332)


Tatiana left the following feedback on 5/22/14:

Ahmed present material in the organized logical way, making lessons easy to follow. He is very patient when listening to my numerous attempts of making a correct sentence and he also provides comrehensive responses to questions. Great teacher to work with.

Katharina left the following feedback on 3/14/14:

I had a great first trial lesson with Ahmed and will definitely book lessons with him again.

Pratima left the following feedback on 3/2/14:

Ahmed was a great teacher. He was very patient as I am just beginning. He took his time and listened to me when I had questions. I would definitely recommend him.

Liam left the following feedback on 2/11/14:

Ahmed is a very friendly and patient teacher, and I'm looking forward to regular lessons with him.

Marieke left the following feedback on 12/13/13:

Very good start: Ahmed adapted to my personal level but also had a structure and good learning material at hand. I like his sense of humour and his patient style of teaching. It really helps me to answer questions and just speak because that is something rarely practiced in the classes at university or in private studies.

Rosemary left the following feedback on 9/23/13:

Thank you, Ahmed for a great first trial class, for your professionalism, and help on the choice of the right book. I am looking forward to my newly scheduled classes.

Laura left the following feedback on 8/19/13:

Laura (11 years old) has found Ahmed’s lessons very informative and interesting. Laura has enthusiastically followed the course, and is showing progress in her study of classic Arabic, as well as learning of the heritage of Egypt. She is ready for another academic year. Thank you to Ahmed and best wishes to his growing family. Mr. & Mrs. MacLeod

lena left the following feedback on 7/29/13:

We know Ahmed as a professional teacher, who can raise great interest of a child to studying Arabic language. Our son made a huge progress in Arabic within couple of months. We are very much happy with the result!

Mary left the following feedback on 7/26/13:

Ahmed is an excellent teacher and I am really enjoying my lessons with him. He is easy to understand and tailors the lessons to my specific needs and requests. He provides really useful vocabulary, and he also makes great suggestions for Egyptian movies to watch, which help me to improve my understanding of the culture while I study the language. I will definitely continue taking lessons from Ahmed!

Kevin left the following feedback on 7/24/13:

Love taking lessons with Ahmed. Such a friendly guy, and an incredible teacher. Because of his classes, I'm amazed at how much Arabic I've already picked up. One of the best teachers i've ever had!

razinah left the following feedback on 7/22/13:

Excellent teacher! Very organized and provides the structured syllabus that I was looking for. He makes learning easy and is very patient. Enjoyable and productive lessons and I am very happy with the progress. I can finally understand the conjugation of sentences! Have had 3 lessons so far and I am looking forward to many more!

Hanna left the following feedback on 5/27/13:

Very pleasant lesson. He explains well in a very good English. We started with conjugations, after we'd fixed on what I want to work on. He proposed both standart and Egyptian Arabic, free to choose. He has a good sense of humor, exactly what I was looking for. I will book the next lesson straight away!

Brian left the following feedback on 2/27/13:

The lesson went very well. I came into the lesson hoping to structure the lesson in my own way, and he made that possible for me. I wanted the focus to be on understanding the news in Arabic, and we went over news headlines and news stories. It may have been boring for him listening to me stumble over words and meanings but he was very patient and helpful with me, and we accomplished a great deal in just one hour! He was open to what I wanted to do, and he is an effective communicator. I very much look forward to the next lesson!

tulay left the following feedback on 2/25/13:

Ahmed is a great person to work with. Nothing is a problem and he is very quick with his responses. I get a lot more done with Ahmed in 3 hours a week than 12 hours at the university!!! Ha has a simple method to explain even the hardest grammatical rules. I'm grateful to him as my arabic has improved immensely since I know him. Thanks.

Roland left the following feedback on 2/16/13:

Excellent teacher. For 4 months I am taking one hour every week and I can say my Arabic has really improved. Ahmed is kind patient uses good material and adopts very good to my needs and problems that I have with the language. The flexibility with booking hours and economic private teaching via skype is a great invention. I will continue the lessons also in the future.

Michele left the following feedback on 12/27/12:

Ahmed is an excellent and intelligent teacher. He is clear and patient. I look forward with great enthusiasm to future lessons, incha'Allah.

Carla left the following feedback on 12/25/12:

Great first lesson! Everything was very well explained, very much fun!

Mohamed left the following feedback on 12/4/12:

Very great teacher! A very simple but good idea to skype and lern your language at home. TOP!!!

Soeren left the following feedback on 11/22/12:

Ahmed is a very good and patient teacher. He is explaining really well and whatever I asked, he had an answer for me! I wish I had started my lessons with him earlier!

Robert left the following feedback on 9/25/12:

Ahmed is a very friendly, patient and professional teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed our first lesson and I am looking forward to learning more Arabic with him. His style of teaching is well structured and he managed to make the lesson both enjoyable and very productive. Thank you very much, Ahmed.

Bilyana left the following feedback on 8/9/12:

Explain so good everything becomes clear at the second

Mark left the following feedback on 7/8/12:

A very relaxed and pleasant person. Very patient and polite. Beautiful accent.

Flavia left the following feedback on 5/17/12:

Relaxed and very productive lesson.Explanations are clear and concise.Positive attitude and sense of humour.All good.

Hanifa - Heike left the following feedback on 5/10/12:

super , gefällt mir sehr gut