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Aparna Deshpande, 46
India | Belgaum

Language: Hindi
Price per lesson : $16.50

Why am I a good teacher?

I believe that learning is possible through sharing knowledge, understanding the need and design the lesson to be such that it is learner centered. I choose the time and the lesson according to the learner's needs.

What do I do apart from teaching?

Meeting people, sharing knowledge, discussing philosophy and religion, folk art- dances, music and painting, Hindustani Classical Music, Indian Miniature painting, Classic Movies and literature, learning are the other sides of my living.

Rating (106)


Jutta left the following feedback on 9/4/14:

I would like to say that it is always a great pleasure to talk with Aparna and to have a Hindi lesson with her. If I ask her anything - she knows everything. Every time I try to form my Hindi sentences she waits patiently and helps me. I enjoy every lesson and can recommend her to everyone who wants to learn Hindi.

Karim left the following feedback on 4/8/14:

I would like to thank you for this great trial lesson which makes me feel that I definitely want to learn more Hindi and that I will be able to do it. Congratulations on your ability to immediately adapt to my way of learning, my level and my needs. Danke für diese wunderbare Probestunde, die mir zeigt, dass ich weiter Hindi lernen kann und sollte. Toll, dass Aparna sich sofort auf mein Niveau und meine Art und Weise zu lernen einstellen konnte.

Ian left the following feedback on 4/19/13:

I have been studying Hindi with Aparna for some months now and am very happy with her teaching style, knowledge of the language and the enthusiasm she brings to lessons. She is very patient that as an older learner of a new language I am not so quick to learn as some might be and if I sometimes wonder if I will evr be a competent speaker she is an excellent motivator through encouragement and praise. I will certainly be continuing to work with Aparna learning, but also enjoying, the Hindi language.

Peter left the following feedback on 1/23/13:

I had my first lesson with Aparna in early January and it was fantastic. She is a really great communicator, both in English and Hindi, she was able to not only answer all my questions but also anticipate many of my queries. Further from a technical standpoint the connection was excellent. Thanks Aparna! Peter

RASHIDAT left the following feedback on 1/1/13:

I had my first lesson with Aparnaji on Sunday December 30 and although we had challenges connecting at first, she was very patient and willing to accommodate the technical difficulties. She is very knowledgable and most of all effective in her ability to communicate. I'm looking forward to subsequent lessons. Thank you.