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Smitha Vootakur, 39
India | BengaLooru

Language: Kannada
Price per lesson : $18.00

Why am I a good teacher?

As a language enthusiast, I enjoy teaching and sharing knowledge through common platforms. As they say, knowledge when shared and put into action is wisdom. It feels wonderful to see positive results in whatever I do.

What do I do apart from teaching?

Reading non-fiction makes me feel connected to facts of the world and Economics is my current subject. I enjoy Carnatic classical and folklore music, travelling, hiking and social entrepreneurship. Currently I’m on a self-motivated task of improving my elementary German skills.

Rating (159)


Anahita left the following feedback on 11/11/12:

Smitha is a fantastic teacher! Thanks to her, I have already learned a lot of Kannada, and am even more eager to continue studying. Smitha's lessons are always well prepared as she has worked out study notes for all the subjects we are discussing and thanks to her flexibility it is possible for me to study while full-time working. I can absolutely recommend her classes!!

Tom left the following feedback on 3/23/12:

Smitha is an outstanding teacher. The lessons are well structured and great fun. I do not believe that I have ever learned so much of a language and its cultural background in so little time. Thank you Smitha for your flexibility, your ability to overcome obstacles and your continous support for my endeavour in learning Kannada language.