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Attaullah AttA, 35
Pakistan | Peshawar

Language: Pashto
Price per lesson : $19.50

Why am I a good teacher?

I Love to plant the seed of Knowledge in my students. It is my passion to transfer the knowledge I have to others. I am a good language teacher (Pushtu). I can schedule & plan lessons according to the students convenience & requirement.

What do I do apart from teaching?

I am working as a social worker. I can teach two major dialects of Pushto (Eastern and Southern) and Dari as well. In my free time I love to go for hiking and swimming.

Rating (103)


Helena left the following feedback on 1/14/14:

Takes the time to help you understand and speak the language. Very precise and great lesson planning.

Vinh left the following feedback on 8/31/13:

I had a great introductory lesson with Mr. Ullah. He was patient and motivated to teach the language of Dari. Having him as a teacher makes me want to learn the language even more.

Tyler left the following feedback on 7/25/13:

Atta is always patient and really cares about the students comprehension. I would absolutely recommend Atta to anyone looking to learn Pashto!

Benjamin left the following feedback on 9/1/12:

Mr. Ullah is always patient and works hard to make sure that you pronounce everything correctly. He is always very prepared given that you have provided him with information on what you wish to cover in the lesson. He is also always on time. Sometimes he even arrives early to make sure everything is setup for the lesson. I look forward to continuing to work with him to advance my Pashto skills. Highly Recommended!