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Iyanatou Houma, 44
Senegal | Dakar

Language: French
Price per lesson : $12.00

Why am I a good teacher?

I am following my philosophy, which is to show the positive things I have learned in my life and my studies. Therefore I enjoy sharing cultural and language knowledge, looking for opportunities and meeting with new people every time.

What do I do apart from teaching?

My name is Iyanatou Houma, I’m from Senegal and I am living in Dakar. I was working as executive assistant during 8 years in the business sector. Now I’m involved in social business and giving French lessons in part time. I’m curious; I like to know about people from different countries. For having fun and removing stress I like listening to music and making clothes by following my own artistic design.

Rating (510)


Maria left the following feedback on 4/8/14:

Iyanatou ist sehr freundlich und die Stunden verlaufen meistens mit viel Humor aber vor allem mit viel Kompetenz ihrerseits. Sie verbessert und erklärt sehr gut. Man merkt, dass sie die Sprache ausgezeichnet beherrscht und auch in der Grammatik sattelfest ist. Kann ich nur empfehlen.

Jutta left the following feedback on 2/18/14:

Iyanatou is a very good teacher. Ich habe seit meiner Lehrzeit kein Französisch mehr benötigt (1980). Im 2010 habe ich einen intensiv Französischkurs besucht und noch zwei Kurse am PC absolviert. Jedoch kann ich mit niemandem sprechen und es fehlt an der Kommunikation. Ich habe zwei Hörgeräte und die Verbindung war sehr schlecht, was jedoch in letzter Zeit häufig der Fall ist, wenn ich mit Skype telefoniere. Trotzdem habe ich sie relativ gut verstanden! Iyanatou ist eine sehr geduldige Person und spricht ausgezeichnet Französisch. Sobald ich meine Wirtschaftsarbeit beendet habe, werde ich wieder Stunden bei ihr buchen!!!

Stefan left the following feedback on 2/13/14:

Nach nunmehr 20 Unterrichtsstunden mit Iyantou kann ich sie bewerten: ich habe wirklich gut mit ihr französisch lernen können. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen. Da hat alles gestimmt.

sofya left the following feedback on 11/19/13:

Iyantou is a very good teacher, I understand that it may be harder to teach me because I have a goal of studying in french but she does her job perfectly, better than a lot of live teachers I would say.

Kate left the following feedback on 10/11/13:

Iyantou is an amazing teacher. She is very patient and kindly corrects the mistakes I make with care and respect. I highly recommend her to any student wanting to perfect their French language skills.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 7/23/13:

It was a very nice conversation. I learned much from Iyanatou. She is experienced and delightful teacher. I'm looking forward to next lessen.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 4/26/13:

I liked Iyanatou's teaching style. Before taking lesson, I thought 50 mins would be long but enjoyed the lesson in a relaxed mood :) She is great.

Anonymous left the following feedback on 2/11/13:

Iyanatou is great, but as mentioned below she needs a more quiet place and a headset would be also helpful

Anke left the following feedback on 12/8/12:

Iyanatou ist a brilliant teacher. :-)) I have been having lessons with her for quite a while now. She is patient, understanding, very nice and just knows how to get her knowlegde across. :-)) Thank you very much, merci beaucoup :-))

Maximiliano left the following feedback on 11/30/12:

She is great, really sweet and with an amazing patience. But she needs a more quiet place perhaps.

Joanna left the following feedback on 11/15/12:

Iyanatou is a great receptive teacher especially as I have not spoken french really since learning at school nearly 30 years ago!