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Glovico’s Online Textbook

This is Glovico’s textbook created for live online classes at the Fair Trade language school Access to all content is available for free to anyone. Our goal in developing this textbook is to provide an outstanding online textbook for private lessons that are conducted with a teacher via Skype particular for lesser taught languages. Since it is a work-in-progress effort we highly appreciate your feedback at the bottom of each page.

How to use this online textbook

Each lesson of the textbook contains several sections, which we describe in more detail here. The categories below are those available for the general version of the textbook. There are also language-specific versions (for now only the Spanish version) which contain even more material. Choose "Spanish" in the dropdown menu above to access the Spanish version of the book.

Intro: This section outlines the learning goals of a lesson. If you take online classes you might spend 2 or more sessions with your teacher on each lesson, depending on your experience in studying languages, the time you spend on repeating the material in between lessons and a lot of other factors.

Vocab Canvas: With the help of a picture you learn new vocabulary for a specific topic. If you are studying by yourself at the moment, you might enter the words for these items into our vocabulary tool and practice them with it. Afterwards you can test your knowledge by checking if you can name everything on the vocab canvas.

Talking: In this exercise you will conduct a situation specific dialogue with your teacher to bring the vocabulary to first active use. To do this exercise by yourself, you could check if you know how to say all the points listed in the exercise.

Storytelling: Here you find a few illustrations, which tell a short story. You typically use them to further practice your narrating skills. If you are doing the exercise by yourself, you could write down your short story or tell it to a friend.

Writing: This section trains your writing skills. Typically your teacher will give it to you as homework. If you are currently studying by yourself, you could try to get a friend who speaks better to help you check your writing exercise.

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