This is Glovico's syllabus: an ever-changing work-in-progress effort to develop an outstanding online textbook for all the larger and smaller languages around the world. For the languages that we do not yet offer in the dropdown menu on the left just choose 'General': your teacher will still provide you with the necessary texts and grammar exercises to follow the curriculum. As this is work-in-progress we highly welcome your feedback at the bottom. There is a generic version of this textbook that can be used for any language as well as language specific versions. Each lesson of this textbook contains various sections, which we describe in more detail here.

Intro: This section outlines the learning goals of a lesson.

Vocab Canvas: With the help of an illustration you learn new vocabulary for a specific topic.

Reading: Here you see one or two texts that use the new vocabulary and introduce one or two new grammar points (only available in the language specific versions).

Talking: In this exercise you will conduct a situation specific dialogue with your teacher to bring the vocabulary to first active use.

Storytelling: Here you find a few illustrations, which tell a short story. You typically use them to further practice your narrating skills.

Culture: This section again only is available in the language specific versions and provides you with some cultural background information. It can serve as a starting point for discussions with your teacher who – living in a country where the language is spoken – is a valuable resource on cultural aspects.

Grammar: Also this section is language specific and explains some grammar points that are introduced in the Reading part of the lesson in more detail.

Writing: This section trains your writing skills; typically your teacher will give it to you as homework.

Vocabulary: Here you find a list of the new words introduced in each lesson.