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Write a blog post about a typical day in your life

Due to your frequent online reviews and blog posts you have become quite popular in the blogosphere. Even on the untouched island of Palulauloa you have a number of readers that are highly interested in your life and ask you to write a blog post about a regular day of yours. You are so intimidated by this popularity that you cannot decline. As Palulauloaians lead a lifestyle very different from anywhere else in the world make sure to include all the details of your day that might in other contexts be neglected. Also make sure to include comparisons to a typical resident of your country to allow the Palulauloaians to judge how representative your lifestyle is for your country.


  • Review the vocabulary for daily activities and select a range of activities (at least 10) to include in your blog post.
  • Think about how your day compares to the typical day of someone living in your country.


  • Start off by explaining your typical morning routine (e.g., When do you get up? What do you do first?) and continue through the afternoon and evening.
  • Compare your day to the typical day of someone living in your country whenever it might be interesting (e.g., I get up much earlier than most people.).


  • Check your spelling.
  • Check whether you have used some of the structures you learnt in this lesson.
  • Once you are happy with your blog article, send it to your teacher so he or she can review it.

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