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Write a hotel review

Write a review of a hotel that you visited at some point in the past. Imagine you write the review for a website that caters to people who don`t know a lot about the area in which the hotel is located. So make sure to describe the hotel as well as the area in your review.


  • Think about adjectives that describe your experience at the hotel.
  • Make a list of activities and nearby places that you would recommend to visitors.


  • Introduce the hotel (location, price, typical visitors, etc) and review your experience.
  • Explain what activities, interesting places and restaurants are close to the hotel and recommend your favorites.
  • Describe to the reader how you get to the hotel and which modes of transportation you have to use.
  • Make an overall recommendation for or against the hotel. Would you stay there again in the future?


  • Check your spelling.
  • Check whether you have used the new vocabulary and structures you learnt in this lesson.
  • Once you are happy with your hotel review, send it to your teacher so he or she can review it.

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