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Write a letter to your aunt

Closely following the increase in your blogging and setting up websites an aunt of yours is mad that she hasn't received a letter from you in a several months and doesn't know how you are doing in your new home. You decide to send her an update.


  • Collect a list of adjectives of your current state (both emotionally as well as physically).
  • Set up a list of items that are very important to you.


  • Write a short letter to a fictional aunt assuming that you had moved to a new country a few months ago.
  • Include a few sentences to describe the owner of the Bed & Breakfast that you stayed in for the first few weeks.


  • Check the spelling of your paragraph.
  • Have you included a rich variety of adjectives?
  • Then send the paragraph to your teacher before your next lesson so that he or she can review it.

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