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Having lived in a Bed & Breakfast for a few weeks in your new country of residence you finally decide to move to your own place. While the landlady of the Bed & Breakfast is generally a very pleasant person she is also very moody and sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

As you already found a great furnished apartment that you will move into in a few weeks you get in touch with an agency to help you move. They ask you about all the items that you have and intent to move as well as their characteristics (whether they are big or small, old or new, heavy or light). After having gone through all the items you start chatting a bit with the owner of the agency and start complaining about the lady of the Bed & Breakfast.


  • Take a minute to think about all the items that you would probably have to move if you had just relocated to a new country.
  • In case you did not consider to bring your huge TV, your old CD player and a large collection of books to your new country, you just redecided and have these items amongst the things to move.


  • Tell the agency owner about all the items that you intent to move.
  • Gossip a bit about the owner of the Bed & Breakfast that you are currently staying in.


  • Describe the owner of the agency the way to your new address from the Bed & Breakfast.

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