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Write an email

Somebody from the very isolated island of Palulauloa read about you on an internet forum for language learning and got in touch with you as he is very interested in studying in your country for a few months. To get a better idea of when to come he asks you whether you could send him a description of what one could do each month of the year in your country.
Strangely enough he also asks you to write him about the predominant colors in nature each month. Seems like Palulauloa is very isolated indeed.


  • Review the names of the months and think about which colors in nature you associate with each month.


  • Introduce yourself (age, origin, etc.).
  • Write an email to the person from Palulauloa.
  • For each month write a sentence or two about the activities you could do or the sites/cities you should visit.
  • Don't forget to mention the colors in nature.


  • Check the spelling of your email.
  • Did you use a range of activities and colors for the different months?
  • Have you included a greeting and farewell?
  • If you are happy with your email, send it to your teacher so he or she can review it.

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