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Write a blog post

One of the major blogs about the language that you are learning heard about you and is excited to publish an article about you. They ask you to write them a draft in which you talk about your family.


  • Collect a list of adjectives that you identify with yourself.
  • Decide which of your family members to present (at least 3) and think about a few adjectives for each of them.


  • Introduce yourself (age, origin, etc.).
  • Describe yourself using the adjectives that you have gathered.
  • Introduce at least 3 of your family members and describe some of their characteristics using the adjectives that you have gathered.


  • Check the spelling of your blog post.
  • Have you included as many of the adjectives you already learnt as possible?
  • Once you are happy with your blog post, send it to your teacher before your next lesson so that he or she can review it.

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