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Finding your way around

Your professor is a taxi driver who is very interested and helpful but speaking a bit too fast for you. But don't worry: just ask him to speak a bit slower. This will probably become one of your key survival phrases.


  • Think about how to politely ask somebody to speak slower.
  • Consider the right form to approach a cab driver.


  • You enter the cab and ask the driver to get you to the bus station.
  • Inquire also how to get from the bus station to the bank which is supposed to be around there.
  • Given your strong accent the taxi driver becomes very curious and asks you where you are from, how old you are and what you are doing in your country. You answer and also ask him (or her) about her (or his) age.
  • As you arrive thank him (or her) and say goodbye.


  • You might include some small talk on how you like the city in which you are being driven around.

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