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An email to customer service

You recently bought some clothing online in a store in which you have been already shopping several times. With your previous orders everything went fine and your stuff always arrived the next day or two days later. Yet, this time, it took a week and the shirt that you bought is too big, the pants are in the wrong color and the shoes did not arrive at all.


  • Consider the grammatical structures of how to talk about the past again.
  • Think about appropriate ways to express your anger to make sure you get compensated.


  • Describe what you ordered and what arrived. Also describe how you always were happy with the orders before to show them that you are a regular customer.
  • Express your anger and claim compensation.


  • Check your spelling and the grammar.
  • Check whether the email is angry and clear in its asking for compensation.
  • Once you are happy with your email, send it to your teacher so he or she can review it.

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