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Write a letter to your landlord

You have been elected as representative of the tenants of the apartment building that you are living in. Yet, at a particular wild time as there are currently a lot of disagreements between the tenants and the landlord. You are to write a letter to the landlord explaining your discontent and offering solutions.


  • Review the vocabulary for household activities and renting an aparment
  • Make a list of 3 - 5 issues that are causing the tensions between the tenants and the landlord in your apartment (e.g., the lobby is never cleaned, the common expenses are increasing too rapidly).


  • Start your letter by addressing your landlord in the correct way and introduce yourself (since you were just elected he doesn`t know you well yet).
  • Raise the issues that are concerning the tenants.
  • Suggest a way to proceed, for example by offering your recommendations for solving the issues.
  • Conclude your letter in the correct manner.


  • Check your spelling and whether your letter fulfills the formal requirements of a letter.
  • Check whether you have used some of the structures you learnt in this lesson.
  • Once you are happy with your letter, send it to your teacher so he or she can review it.

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