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Have you been planning an important business trip to South Africa? If yes, then you’d probably know by now that familiarizing yourself with the local culture, traditions, and customs can help you forge a strong relationship with your South African business prospects.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting South Africa for personal or professional purposes, learning Zulu would work in your favor, because it’s understood by over half the population and is the most widely spoken home language in the country.

Glovico’s expert Zulu teachers can help you learn the language via Skype and ensure that the entire learning process is not humdrum and monotonous, which is often the case with traditional linguistic lessons. Our programs are cost-effective and come with a Fairtrade and satisfaction guarantee- but what’s even better is that you will stand to gain from our free Zulu lesson if you sign up with us right away. This is an added bonus since we’re giving you the opportunity to judge the quality of our service for yourself, so go ahead and embark on an exciting linguistic journey with Glovico! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!