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Have you been looking for a reliable, fun Tigrinya language course, but been unable to come across such an option- both online, as well as in a language learning institution?

You wouldn’t be the first, because Tigrinya is a relatively lesser-known language that’s indigenous to the tiny nation of Eritrea, which is situated in the Horn of Africa or along the Somali Peninsula. Tigrinya is spoken predominantly in central Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia.

Glovico is one of the very few online language-learning platforms that give individuals the opportunity to learn Tigrinya via Skype in an environment that encourages one-on-one interactions between expert speakers of this language and eager learners like yourself. Our lessons offer true value for money and convenience and come with a Fairtrade and satisfaction guarantee. The best part about our program is that you can sign up for a free Tigrinya lesson immediately to decide if you want to go ahead - so contact us right away to embark on a delightful Tigrinya learning experience! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!