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Planning a family vacation or a business trip to Latin America? Or do you simply wish to familiarize yourself with the basics of one of the most widely spoken languages in the world - Spanish? 

At Glovico, we offer all that and much more with your personal Skype-based online Spanish tutor. The lessons are conducted by an enthusiastic team of native Spanish teachers with vast teaching experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner who wants to study Spanish online, our teachers tailor their classes to your needs. Your tutor sets well planned, challenging goals for you and you are free to learn Spanish at your own pace and within your own comfort zone. Furthermore you will be able to use our innovative Spanish teaching material and our vocabulary trainer for Spanish. To add to this, all language courses come with a guarantee of satisfaction and include a free trial lesson. So what are you waiting for? Your personal online Spanish teacher is just a click away!

Research shows that language learning is based on four main functions: listening & speaking as well as reading & writing. Only if you integrate all four of these, you can become fluent. Our tutors therefore make sure that you are actively engaged in all four of these. With our vocabulary trainer you can recapture the words from your lesson (your teacher will enter these live into the system) on the web or on the go with our smartphone app. And also the dreaded grammar is made very easy by our tutors: we use a mixed approach of structured explanation and intuitive understanding. You will be guided through the various grammar items with our own online Spanish textbook and will apply the grammar in exercises as well as discussions with your teacher. In that way, you will learn Spanish with us in no time. 

Sign up for our free trial lesson with your Spanish tutor right away and start mastering Spanish instantly.


Price/Hour: $20.25

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Price/Hour: $20.25
Jimenez Tapia

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Price/Hour: $15.00