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Any extended trip to the Andes mountain region is not complete without knowledge of the native language of the majority of the inhabitants in this South American region: Quechua. The language has a rich cultural history, dating back to the Incas. It is today spoken by over 8 million people in South America and the national language of both Bolivia and Peru. 

Glovico offers you the opportunity to learn this culturally rich language from a qualified native Quechuan teacher, all via Skype video conference. You will have the convenience of scheduling lessons on your own time and learning from your personal tutor. And all that in the comfort of your own living room or while travelling anywhere in the world.

Further, you have the opportunity not only to judge whether or not your teacher is providing satisfactory lessons, you also have the chance to try a completely free Quechuan lesson. And by the way, all of our lessons come with a satisfaction guarantee.


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