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Are you planning a trip to Nepal anytime soon? If you are, then learning Nepali would really work in your favor. Nepali is the national language of Nepal, and it is also widely spoken in parts of India, Bhutan, and Myanmar or Burma. This language has well over 30 million native speakers.

Glovico’s experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic Nepali teacher can help you master this language at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home via Skype. Using video-conferencing to learn a new language helps you pick it up a lot faster since the emphasis is on dynamic learning and one-on-one interaction between the teacher and the student. Glovico is a Fairtrade social business and we offer satisfaction guarantees on all our lessons. Furthermore, we are offering a 100% free Nepali lesson for those who sign up right away, so use this opportunity to learn Nepali the Glovico way!

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