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Jobdescription: Skype-Teachers for regional languages


who we are is a German social business company. We are using Skype technology to offer our students language courses with native speakers from abroad. Being a "start-up" based in Hamburg, we started marketing our language services in May 2010. Currently, we seek to extend our language spectrum to cover a broad range of languages spoken around the world (see list below).

whom we are looking for

Professional or amateur teachers or students from developing countries who are fluent in English or German as a second language and willing to teach one of the languages on the next page to our students around the world. Furthermore we expect you to be a communicative person that disposes over basic teaching competencies and has access to broadband internet.

what you need

A fast internet connection, a webcam and a Skype account (available at

how it works

You can apply for this job by sending a CV and cover letter to Upon acceptance you will be asked to prepare a short personal profile on our website. Through this account you will receive notifications whenever students want to study with you. You will need to check your account regularly and make sure you are on time for lessons. As we are not yet offering teaching material, you will need to design your lessons yourself. The price you demand for a 55 minute lesson is set by yourself, but should not go beyond 20 €. For the beginning we recommend 5 €. We will add a small fee of 2 € for marketing and billing expenses as well as tax. Glovico will bill your students directly and once your account exceeds 100 €, we will disburse the money to you via Western Union (or another money transfer service of your choice).
Please note: This is not a fulltime job. You can choose the time slots for lessons that are most convenient for you.

what we need

Please get in touch with us via email ( We are looking forward to hear from you. 

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