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Are you planning a business trip or a vacation to India in the near future? If so, learning Hindi would really help you get around the country. Hindi is the national language of India and the 4th most widely spoken language in the world in terms of the number of native speakers- well over 400 million. The reasons to learn Hindi may therefore be various: business-related, touristic or just the excitement of learning another beautiful language.

Glovico is a Fairtrade social business that has a team of truly proficient Hindi teachers who can impart their linguistic skills to you via Skype. All our lessons are extremely cost effective and can be scheduled by you in the comfort of your own home and in accordance with your schedule and convenience- so no longer do you ever have to worry about ‘attending’ lessons when you are short on time! All our lessons come with a satisfaction guarantee, and to welcome you to the Glovico family, we are offering a 100% free Hindi lesson for those who sign up right away- so make the most of this opportunity and embark on a magnificent linguistic journey with Glovico! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!


Price/Hour: $16.50

Price/Hour: $16.50