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Did you know that Hausa is one of the most widely spoken languages in West Africa- particularly in Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Ghana, and Cameroon? Over 25 million individuals speak Hausa as their first language, so if you’re going to visit this part of Africa anytime soon, you’d do well to learn Hausa.

At Glovico, we have a talented, dedicated, and experienced team of teachers who can help you master Hausa through Skype. Learning a language via Skype is highly advantageous since the lessons are fun, dynamic, and affordable to boot. Since you’ll be learning Hausa in the comfort of your home and by way of interactive one-on-one sessions, you’ll be more likely to pick up this language in less time as compared to a traditional language-learning course.

The best part about learning Hausa through Glovico is that you get access to a free lesson after signing up for a full membership and paying a nominal fee for all your lessons- which also come with a Fairtrade and satisfaction guarantee, along with other fabulous trial offers. So sign up for Glovico’s Hausa lessons today and embark on a new linguistic journey! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!


Price/Hour: $10.50