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Do you have a penchant for learning new and lesser known languages like Filipino? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Filipino is mostly spoken on the Philippines and has over 90 million speakers.

Glovico is the best online language learning platform simply because of its unique approach to both teaching and learning. We are a Fairtrade social business with teams of experienced and dedicated native speakers who use Skype to give learners like you a truly refreshing learning experience. You can now learn Filipino in the comfort of your own home and schedule the lessons as per your convenience without having to pay atrocious sums of money in the process!

We also give budding learners the opportunity to judge the effectiveness of our methods for themselves by inviting them to sign up right away for an absolutely free Filipino lesson. Now that’s a truly revolutionary language learning program! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!


Price/Hour: $22.50

Price/Hour: $22.50