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Are you planning a visit to the Philippines sometime in the near future and wish to get acquainted with the local languages, culture, and customs? In such a case, it’d be handy if you familiarized yourself with tongues like Filipino and Cebuano or Bisaya (as it is better known), which has the largest native speaking population in the nation.

At Glovico, you have access to innumerable language lessons that are convenient, one of a kind, and offer true value for money. We are a Fairtrade social business that focuses on learner-centric, systematic, well-planned, and dynamic language learning sessions through Skype.

Glovico’s native Cebuano teachers have vast experience and enough enthusiasm to ensure that you learn this language at your own pace while also making the whole process goal-centric. Apart from learning Cebuano from the comfort of your own home, you can now use this opportunity to sign up for our free Cebuano lesson without any further delay so that you can have a ‘sneak peek’ at what our program is all about! Just sign up and book your free trial lesson!