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Tobias LorenzDuring a research trip to Eritrea focussing on social entrepreneurship the founder of Glovico - Tobias Lorenz - realized that after decades of traditional development cooperation we should look for more technology-based and innovative ways to allow developing countries to prosper. Looking for entrepreneurial solutions to tackle worldwide poverty the idea was born to initiate intercultural dialogue and generate income at the same time. Tobias started to wonder: Who could teach languages better than native speakers? In this way Glovico tries to realize a vision that combines entrepreneurship with social change. In the same vein Mashable considers us one of the eight ways in which technology is improving education.

Johanna Ayecke



Johanna Ayecke takes care of students and teachers. She is the heart and soul of keeping Glovico afloat. She has a background in liberal arts and has always enjoyed to be on the road. Besides having worked in various galeries she has supported several social projects with her communication skills. She is particularly inspired by Western Africa.


Nicholas Java



Nicholas Java represents Glovico in the US. He currently pursues his MBA at Columbia Business School in New York and is inspired by changing the world through social innovation. He has supported several internet startups before and is active in impact investing. His prior career has led him abroad a lot, predominantly to Iraq.


Katharina Scharnetzky


Katharina Scharnetzky supports Glovico in the development of a didactical concept. She holds a degree in Mathematics from UCL, London and is currently pursuing her MBA at Columbia Business School in New York after several years experience in management consultancy. She has always enjoyed language learning by emerging herself in foreign countries including Chile, Spain, France and the US, and is excited to bring the opportunity to learn from native speakers to many more people. Katharina has previously been involved in a number of social teaching projects.



Yet, a number of persons has to be thanked for helping to set up Glovico. First of all Kareem Bayo and Oliver Böhm have to be mentioned for developing the name (Global Video Conference). The team of Silpion IT Solutions around Patrick Postel (Lydia Gripp, Roland Beintner, Aiko Böhm & Alexander Schwenn) was a major support in setting up the website. A big thanks also goes to the PIA 2025 Microeconomics I class at the University of Pittsburgh (particularly to Katherine Hart, Brian Chalfant and Jee Eun Song) for their consultancy and the inspiring discussions. Yet, far too many partners support our venture to list them all individually here. A major thanks also goes to our community who continuously supports our endeavour. If you want to join in sharing our mission, you might give it a start by linking to us or spreading this poster in your environment. By the way, we are always scouting for new teachers! You can find more information here.

Nonetheless, none of this could have happened without the support of the Hamburg Foundation for Business Ethics - both on a personal level but also through expertise and contacts. Thanks a lot to everybody!