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Code of Conduct perceives itself as a platform to broker language courses with native speakers from Latin America and Africa. The diverging cultural backgrounds can lead to situations that are beyond the those of day-to-day communication. Therefore, this code of conduct is conceived to guard against conflicts and maximize the learning effect.

1) We pay attention to a respectful dialogue especially in case of controversies.

2) We refrain from comments that might be considered sexist, racist, vulgar or degrading in any other respect.

3) is a platform to broker language courses and not a dating platform. Should you be looking for a partner, consult the respective websites.

4) During lessons private information is frequently exchanged between students and teachers. Handle these with the due confidentiality.

5) Ratings of teachers are crucial for their impression upon new users. Therefore be especially careful and constructive in the rating of your lesson.

6) More than for other appointments it is unpleasant to wait in front of your computer. Punctuality is therefore stressed at

7) is interessed in continuously improving its services. Therefore we welcome your feedback to develop ourselves.